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  • MS002 COM – Test bench for starters and alternators

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A high power multifunctional test bench includes the following diagnostic functions: diagnostics of starters, alternators and voltage regulators without applying any additional measuring devices. The test bench was invented on the basis of the requirements of modern service stations: construction implies mounting of majority of units without using additional fixing elements. The bench tests units of 12V and 24V; diagnoses the latest alternators and voltage regulators, which are controlled by car ECU; has ports to connect alternators of different brands and manufacturers: «COM» («LIN», «BSS»), «P-D», «DFM», «D+», «RLO», «C», «SIG». Diagnostics is carried out through load simulation of car consumers, change of rotation speed, sending of control signals (external control alternators), tracking of electrical characteristic. Testing results are transmitted to LCD display real-time. Testing modes are switched with membrane keyboard on the control panel of the test bench. The selected mode is lightened with the corresponding indicator. The equipment carries out testing of different alternators under load up to 200A. Power supply is single-phase 380V.

Đặt Hàng



  • meets the latest requirements of contemporary service centers
  • multifunctional opportunities
  • high-power performance
  • no additional measuring devices needed
  • all testing data is shown on LCD display
  • testing of units under different loads
  • has ports to connect different units
  • flexible unit mounting construction
  • possesses an option to follow testing results realtime
  • the latest testing algorithms
  • small dimensions
  • simple operation
  • quick testing procedure
  • long-lasting service
  • safety and reliability
  • 1 year warranty

The equipment set includes:

  • test bench
  • wires to connect an alternator, starter, voltage regulator to thebench sockets
  • user manual