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  • MS1000+ – Test bench for shock absorbers

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- Test Bench MS1000+ is a specialized equipment item, manufactured for service centers specializing in repair and maintenance of shock absorbers for motor cars and trucks. Diagnostics of mono-tube and twin-tube gas charged shock absorbers with diverse combinations of upper and lower mounting.

- Diagnostics of shock absorber is conducted through dynamogram record (data on how applied force depends on shock absorber shaft position). Maximum load available is 1000 kg.

- Specialized pneumatic vice is used for quick, safe and easy fxing of shock absorbers of any type.

- The clamp controlled by PC, control panel or pedal unit.

- Available shock absorber testing modes: manual and automatic. Available speed options in manual mode: 60, 120, 180 rpm. Available speed options in automatic mode: up to 6 free speed options.

- Testing results can be saved in a fle and be set as a template for further diagnostic circles.

- The test bench is connection to the Internet through Wi-Fi. Software update and technical support is available through Internet connection.

Đặt Hàng



  • meets the latest requirements of contemporary service centers
  • testing of a unit under load with different speed and simulation of car in motion
  • graphical record of performance parameters
  • manual and automatic operation mode
  • safe fixing of a tested shock absorber
  • quick testing and easy servicing
  • user-friendly software
  • 1 year warranty

The equipment set includes:

  • test bench
  • set of changeable fittings for shock absorber - 3 pairs
  • handle for fixing pneumatic clamp lock nuts - 1 piece
  • universal prism for fixing shock absorbers with rod end - 2 pcs +1 piece with uncalibrated holes (for shock absorber with irregular shafts)
  • pneumatic clamp pedal control unit (optionally)
  • shock absorber nitrogen filling block (optionally)
  • user manual

How to test a shock absorber with MS1000+ in automatic mode: 

  • fix a shock absorber with pneumatic vice
  • choose model of a tested unit and set testing mode
  • launch testing mode
  • save the received results after testing
  • deactivate the test bench

Testing of a shock absorber on the test bench MS1000+ will take few minutes. Thus, service station specialist checks operation and type of failure of a shock absorber by this damping tester. A unit is tested once again after components are replaced. If curve diagrams are reflected correctly, repair process has passed successfully.